Types of Breaks

Types of Breaks

All breaks are different, no two breaks are ever alike. They may appear to be alike, but each has unique characteristics. They do, however, have shapes that can be classified as being of a particular type. The five most common breaks are:

Bulls Eye
This break is cone shaped with the PIT (point of impact) at the surface, and the base at the inner liner. Combination Break This break is a Bulls Eye type combined with radial cracks. Daisy This break is non-symmetrical and consists of one or more cones with radial cracks having a flower type appearance.

This break consists of a pit with radial cracks. The cracks do not penetrate through to the lamination. There is little or no air to displace, allowing a minimum of resin to penetrate. Results will vary depending on the air passages. Drilling a hole through the pit is recommended in order to get the resin to flow into the radial crack.

Cracks are difficult to repair requiring special tools and training. Not recommended for repairing long cracks. Small cracks, 2″ or smaller can be repaired by drilling a small hole(s) along the crack and using a thin based resin.

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