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When homeowners look for an energy-efficient vinyl window packed with value, the Studio series is their choice. With the ability to choose features, styles and options that will go well in any home, the Studio Series is a great choice for both new construction and retrofit projects. And, our windows

The Studio Series offers three colors to match almost any home's décor. The integral color throughout the vinyl is available in white, almond and taupe. Here are the most popular color choices.

** Due to printing and screen limitations, colors shown are approximate and may not reflect actual colors.

Optional Grid Choices: Add Style without Adding Additional Cleaning Hassles
Choose grids sealed between the glass for fast and easy cleaning in either 3/4 inch sculptured or 5/8 inch flat sizes. All grids are color matched to the frame.

Window Styles to Match Any Home Décor
The Studio Series windows are available in single-hung, horizontal slider, and picture window styles. You can also order a wide variety of specialty shapes including round tops, arch tops, circles, octagons and more.